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Are you a "Newbie"? Start Here!

Beginner Sewing Skills

Have a sewing machine you inherited, or haven't used in a really long time? Have taken a few classes before but need a refresher? Start here and get the basics for your skills foundation.

Zippers 101 was great! I ended up being the only student so I received a one-on-one class. I really enjoyed the history of the zipper along with the different kinds of zipper. They seem much less intimidating now!


"Thank you so much for this [shirt] class and for all the knowledge you have shared. I already have several more patterns to try!"


See you soon,


Excellent, excellent way to update my vintage skills. Tish is a very good instructor and ran a well paced class. I caught a few nuggets that I did not know before. We got so much done in one hour. I will be signing up for her sewing machine skills class next.



Beginner Projects

  • Sewing Machine Basics

    Learn the basic stitches of the machine, proper cleaning techniques, identify the main parts of a machine and how they work, learn how to properly thread your machine for jam-free sewing. Plus we'll identify some common problems that are easy to solve on the fly!

    Student Materials: Notepad & Pen!

    Eventbrite - Sewing Machine Basics

  • Know Your Tools

    A MUST for beginners! Learn about the main tools used in the sewing process, how to use them to your maximum benefit, and what tools work best for specific projects. Perfect for those looking to set up a sewing area in their home without wasting space or blowing the budget!

    Student Materials: Notepad & Pen

    "Seamstress don't fear the ripper, nor the iron, the spool or the pin."

    –Deep Purple (Maybe)


    Eventbrite - Know Your Tools

  • Pressing 101

    There's "ironing" and then there's PRESSING. Do you know the difference? Learn to get the most out of your iron and board, and what pressing tools to consider when building your sewing tool chest. If you want to take your sewing to the next level of professionalism quickly and easily, this is the class to take!

    Student Materials: Notepad & Pen

    Eventbrite - Pressing 101

  • Simple Seams

    There's more to a great seam and edge finish than stitching a line and ironing it flat. Learn 3 different seam finishes, how to properly press your seams, and how to get a professional finish every time!

    Student Materials: Notepad & Pen


    We recommend taking Know your tools and Pressing 101 before taking this class


    Eventbrite - Simple Seams

  • Edge Finishes & Hems

    Finished edges give a crisp, well executed look to any project. Learn how to narrow edge hem, blindstitch a hem, and create some fun finishes without pulling your hair out!

    Student Materials: Notepad & Pen


    We recommend taking Know your tools and Pressing 101 before taking this class

    Eventbrite - Edge Finishes & Hems

  • Learn About Fabrics

    Freaked out by the amount of fabric choices? Not sure if a fabric will work for your project? Can't tell a lawn from a lamé? This class will unlock the secrets of the fabric bolt, help guide you through almost any fabric store, and help you avoid picking the wrong fabric for your project.

    Student Materials: Notepad & Pen

    Eventbrite - Learn About Fabrics

  • How to Read & Use Patterns

    There's a wealth of information on just the pattern envelope, let alone the instruction sheet! If it's all greek to you, then you need this class! Learn how to properly buy correct fabric yardage, how to figure out what notions you need, how to read the instructions for right/wrong fabric side, basting, and selvedge, and how to transfer marks from your pattern for maximum accuracy in pattern assembly.

    Student Materials: Notepad & Pen, Pattern of your choice, recommend getting one at thrift store so you can write notes on & keep for reference


    Eventbrite - How to Read & Use Patterns

  • Cutting out Your Pattern from Fabric

    How to properly pin, cut, and mark your fabric from a pattern. Sounds easy, right? It is, but avoid the pitfalls of mismatched fabric pieces, crooked or warped pieces, missing pieces and more with this tutorial.

    Student Materials: Notepad & Pen, Pattern of your choice, recommend getting one at thrift store so you can write notes on & keep for reference, a fabric with a pattern or print on it to cut out



    We recommend taking How to Read and Use Patterns and Learn about Fabrics before taking this class


    Eventbrite - Cutting Out your Pattern from Fabric

  • Zippers 101

    Learn the basics about zippers, 2 different ways to insert zippers into a garment, proper care, and how to shorten a zipper in this toothy tutorial

    Student Materials: Notepad & Pen,  1 nylon zipper, 1 invisible zipper, around 6" in length



    We recommend taking Simple Seams and/or Edge finishing before taking this class


  • Buttonholes 101

    Do you bungle your buttonholes? Never made a buttonhole, and are scared to ruin a project? This class will guide you through the buttonhole process to give you store-bought results.

    Student Materials: Notepad & Pen


  • Pockets 101

    Pockets are a wonderful addition to pants, skirts, and bags. Learn how to add side seam pockets to pants and skirts, or patch pockets to jackets, bags, and more.

    Student Materials: Notepad & Pen


    We recommend taking Simple Seams and/or Edge finishing before taking this class

  • Stretch your Knowledge of Elastics

    Elastic has many uses, from no-fault gathering to waistbands and even tailoring! In this class we'll discuss various method of applying elastic to your project, and how to get the best results!

    Student Materials: Notepad & Pen, 3 kinds of elastic: 1" wide, 1/4 or 1/2" wide, and thin tube elastic


    Eventbrite - Stretch Your Knowledge of Elastics

  • Fasteners are your Friends

    We've covered buttonholes and zippers, but let's talk buttons, hooks and eyes, snaps, and velcro. Learn which fastener is right for your project, and how to properly attach it for best results!

    Student Materials: Notepad & Pen

    Eventbrite - Fasteners are your Friends


  • OOPS! How to fix some common sewing Snafus

    Biffed a buttonhole? Screwed up a seam? Skirt too short? Learn a few tricks to fix those "oopsies" well all encounter in our sewing lives.

    Student Materials: Notepad & Pen

    Eventbrite - Oops! How to fix some common Sewing Snafus

  • Make your own Dress Form

    Looking to check the fit of a garment without the endless "on and off" as you are making it? Tired of friends and roommates asking why you are fixing seams in your unmentionables again to save on fitting time? Then you need to make a dress form! Very basic approach to a simple but helpful dress form on a tight budget, which will allow you to easily check your fit on the fly of most garments. This is a great class to bring a friend to!

    Student Materials: Duct Tape, snug fitting turtleneck, stuffing (grocery plastic bags work great)




    **Disclaimer: in order to complete this class, you will wear a tight fitting long sleeved shirt or turtleneck, and will have duct tape added to the shirt to create a hard outer shell that will be used as your body double dress form. If you are not comfortable with the idea of fellow students helping to add tape to your form as you wear it, or are uncomfortable in situations where movement is limited, this may not be the class for you.


    Eventbrite - Make a Dress form

  • Make a Tote Bag

    Make a grocery tote for lunches, shopping, or whatever and solidify the basics of seams, edge finishes, and buttonholes.


    This class takes new students longer than and hour to complete, so this class is 90min and $27.


    Student Materials: Washed & pressed old sheet set, or 1 1/2 yard fabric washed & pressed, recommended fabric: sturdy cotton print, lightweight denim, NO KNITS!! Don't forget thread!


    Eventbrite - Make a tote bag - Beginner Project

  • Make a Simple Skirt

    Make a basic A-line skirt from a pattern, solidifying the skills of seams, edge finishes, zippers. We HIGHLY recommend taking How to Read and Use Patterns, Cutting your Pattern from Fabric, and Zippers 101 before taking this class!


    New sewers will need 2 classes to finish this project, so plan on taking both skirt assembly 1 and 2 on the calendar!


    Student Materials: It's So Easy pattern # 2906

    Washed & Pressed Fabric according to pattern requirements, zipper, thread. PLEASE BRING YOUR SKIRT CUT FROM FABRIC TO THE FIRST CLASS!


    Eventbrite - Make a Basic Skirt from a printed pattern

HISS Studio Partners with
Colorado Fabrics!

(Previously Denver Fabrics)


HISS Studio and Colorado Fabrics have joined forces to help you get the most out of your sewing! When you sign up for and complete one of the classes at HISS Studio, you will receive a 20% off coupon for use at Colorado Fabrics! Have a friend who is thinking about taking a class? Pick up a HISS Studio flyer when you visit Colorado Fabrics and pass it along to them for 15% off their first class!


We support local business and hope you will too with this great pairing!

Where do I get materials I need for class?

Most of the beginning sewing classes only require you to bring a notepad & pen to take notes.

However, a few of the classes to require student purchase of materials. Those materials are highlighted in GREEN.

We suggest signing up for store discounts and shopping around for the best deal on all items.

Here are some suggestions for great deals on supplies!

Colorado Fabrics  •  Hancock Fabrics  •  Joann Crafts  •  Hobby Lobby  •  •


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