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  • Squeaker

    Squeaker is newest to the sewing scene, but he learns fast and is all about keeping your machine clean and knowing it's tricks. Squeaker loves sewing tools, and is always on the hunt for the newest item that can improve your work!

  • Diego

    Diego is all about pressing, and getting the best seams possible on a project. His Iron Paw rules when it comes to having your work look as good from the back as it does from the front, and he's the one to do the happy dance with you when you complete your first project!

  • Tammy Fey

    Tammy Fey is our senior instructor, and has many many sewing projects under her collar. Her favorite projects involve anything with fake furs and knits, and she is particularly fond of a good pair of shears. Tammy's eagle eye will keep you from putting a stitch wrong during assembly.

  • Vega

    Don't be fooled by her small stature, Vega is a powerhouse when it comes to details and fitting. Vega's tenacity to finish the toughest projects will give you inspiration to take on that next sewing challenge!

  • Sally

    Sally is our "den mother" and takes expert care of all of our newest students! Sally's gentle guidance will keep you from becoming confused and frustrated with your project, as she is knowledgeable in most skills and always willing to help!

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