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We believe that Happiness is Simple Sewing,
so we designed our classes and class structure to help you avoid
 common pitfalls of sewing projects.


Our goal is to get you on your way to sewing without hassles, hiccups,
or fear of patterns and complex concepts,
 giving you confidence in your sewing abilities.

We know you can do it! Let us show you how!

Learn MORE for less with intimate
3 student sessions

Why spend your extra time and
hard earned money to be herded through
a big class like a sheep?

Here's what our past students have to say about our classes...


Really enjoyed the class! The small class size ensured lots of individual attention. The instructor was patient and clearly had put a lot of time into class prep, which kept the class running smoothly. I would definitely take another class from HISS.



The class was awesome! Just long enough to learn the basics and just short enough to not be exhausting after a day of work! It was great!



I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your class last night.  This morning I was able to look at my machine and figure out exactly how it works and which parts were missing. Thank you so much for your very thorough explanation of all of the parts on a sewing machine.  Before, I was intimidated by it, and didn't even want to set up the table. I found out that all I needed for it was a bobbin case and bobbins (both of which were easy to find).  My machine is a Singer 15-90.  I bought it at a thrift shop a few years ago because I thought it was cute, but I didn't know anything about it.  I ordered an owners manual, so I hope that will answer any questions I have.  Have a great weekend, and I hope to take the next class very soon.

-Lauren, Denver


Zippers 101 was great! I ended up being the only student so I received a one-on-one class. I really enjoyed the history of the zipper along with the different kinds of zipper. They seem much less intimidating now!



Great class! The presentation was clear and flowed very well. I learned so much.



Very fun! I have barely used a sewing machine before but Tish made it really easy to learn.



The title of this class says it all, "Simple Hemming ." Don't know what it is about Tish (Instructor.) When she explains the techniques, I just get it. That says a lot because sometimes I just can't visualize some things, you know? For example, I have watched 998 YouTube videos on Binding & Piping; Brain:Jelly. So I took the HISS class...on Binding & Piping. I was so... happy, energetic, just giddy & felt so accomplished (Yes, sewing makes me this emotional!) Love HISS!



She made it easy for a first timer. Thoroughly enjoyed the class and plan on taking more with her.



I found sewing to be very intimidating and this was an extremely accessible class. The space was great and my instructor Tish was extremely patient and encouraging. I tend to get frustrated when learning something new and she made me feel comfortable to ask questions instead of feeling embarrassed to ask something simple. Felt totally accomplished at the finish and looking forward to taking more classes!



I finally learned how to install a zipper! Instructor explained things so simple. No this, that, confusion, just straight & easy!



Tish was great! The class was focused, well presented and we walked away with lots of knowledge of sewing. I'm definitely interested in taking more sewing classes and actually dusting off my sewing machine at home.



Excellent, excellent way to update my vintage skills. Tish is a very good instructor and ran a well paced class. I caught a few nuggets that I did not know before. We got so much done in one hour. I will be signing up for her sewing machine skills class next.


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